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Otis's Story - Grand Champion Sired Blue Staffy stud dog

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Grand Champion Sired Otis
Grand Champion Sired Otis

Born 11.06.2023 bred by Tina Connell’s Brookbelle kennels in Maidstone. Renowned for breeding top-quality Staffordshire bull terriers and cocker spaniels.

Otis’s Dam is Missy (Hazmieh Galway Girl At Brookbelle) a stunning female who is true to type short and stocky with a fantastic temperament.

His sire is the well-known Grand Champion Joker (You're Yoker At Sama Slodycz Harpagon (FCI) at bullscaff) a Solid male with amazing conformation.


Otis, despite being the smallest of the litter, possessed an undeniable bravery that set him apart. From the moment we met him, we were captivated by his charm and instantly fell in love. He had a way of standing out amongst his siblings, and it was clear that he was special. Upon our first encounter, he gravitated towards Paul, laying n close to him, a bond that remains unbreakable to this day. At just 8 weeks old, Otis joined our family and quickly found his place alongside Lola, who was four months his senior. Lola embraced him as her own, and they formed an inseparable duo. Otis, with his free-spirited nature, revelled in playing in the garden with Lola. As his energy levels soared, our walks grew longer, and over the following months, he blossomed both physically and emotionally, meeting our expectations. It wasn't until a year later that Otis truly revealed his loving and tender nature. His character began to shine through, Now approaching his fourth year, he has proven himself as a remarkable sire and a blue staffy stud dog, producing exceptional Blue Staffy puppies in the UK, some of which have found homes abroad. While he is fiercely protective of our pack, particularly around the females, he understands his place and willingly takes a step back when we are present, content to relax on the sofa. While Otis may not possess the qualities of a traditional guard dog, his welcoming nature is undeniable. Anyone who crosses our threshold is greeted with warmth and excitement. Otis is a well-rounded individual, displaying a balanced temperament and conformation. He is undeniably a stunning example of his breed, boasting a magnificent head, a strong top line, and a compact, muscular physique, complete with his signature rosebud ears.

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