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Staffy Knott
Staffy Knott
Staffy Knott

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Studs

Staffy Knott

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Stud dogs

Blue Staffy Studs, Black, Black Brindle, Black Blue Gene, Staffordshire Bull Terrier dogs for studThe blue staffy is available for stud services, offering high-quality breeding options for those looking to expand their staffy bloodline. Our stud dog is a champion in his own right, with a pedigree that showcases his exceptional qualities. We also provide worldwide semen shipping, ensuring that breeders from all corners of the globe can access our services. With a focus on privacy and professionalism, our terrier stud dog provider is committed to maintaining the highest standards in the industry.

The Staffordshire bull terrier is known as the Sandastaff Piro Blue, while the bull terrier is referred to as the Piro Blue Staffordshire.
2. Artificial insemination services are available on a protected site.
3. The champion blue dogs are associated with the Google privacy policy, and the Bulls-Caff Gallery is a dog provider in the UK.
   list for Staffordshire bull terriers.
5. The Bullscaff Blue are blue champion studs, and Champion Studs are beautiful blue staffy studs.6. These staffy studs are known for their worldwide presence among Staffordshire terriers, with Piro Blue offering a free second sample.7. The terrier breed typically stands at 15 inches, and Terry is recommended for those interested in the bull terrier breed.8. August is associated with the bull terrier breed, and Bullscaff is highly recommended, with the site being active for the past 18-24 staffy    blue staffy stud        staffy stud    staffy stud dog        stud dog    stud dog provider        stud dogs    staffy stud dogs        sandastaff piro    blue staffordshire terrier        dog provider    staffordshire terrier stud        privacy policy    terrier stud dog        blue staffordshire    stud dog uk        staffordshire terrier    worldwide semen shipping        terrier stud    semen shipping learn        dog uk    shipping learn button        worldwide semen    champion blue staffy        semen shipping    bullscaff gallery image        shipping learn    staffordshire bull terrier        learn button    blue staffy studs        staffordshire bull    sandastaff piro blue        bull terrier    piro blue staffordshire        artificial insemination    site is protected        champion blue    google privacy policy        bullscaff 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Grand Champion Sired

Grand Champion Sired Brookbelle On IN Ten - AKA OTIS

Son of You're Yoker -AKA Joker

Trojan Bulls Logo

 Blue and White

One of the finest blue Staffy studs in the south of the UK.  There’s no doubt Otis is breed standard,  height at withers 38cms, Weight: 1`9 kgs. His Body is Close-coupled, with a level topline, wide front, deep brisket, and well-sprung ribs; muscular and well-defined. He is tenacious, bold, and fearless with a loving and gentle temperament. A family dog that loves people and children and has been brought up around other dogs.  

True to Type, Short & Stocky, Dark Eyes, Dark Nails, Rose ears.  His dark blue coat pigmentation is perfect and he passes this on to his pups.

With an outstanding pedigree of Grand champions and Multi champions.

KC Registered, Health Tested., DNA - HC-HSF4 Clear, DNA - L-2HGA Clear, BVA Eye Screened Unaffected.

 Sperm count tested regularly. 97% Mobility = 800.000 per Ml, AMAZING COI PERCENTAGE 4.9

5 Generation of Pedigree upon request!

His Sire is the Infamous: Ch & Gand Ch You're Yoker At Sama Slodycz Harpagon (FCI) at Bullscaff  Crufts Qualified

His Dam is: Hazmieh Galway Girl At Brookbelle

Otis Pedigree 

We are so lucky to have the privilege of owning such a stunning boy as Otis with an incredible lineage of world-renowned Champion Staffordshire Bull Terriers. 

STB Pedigree database  Brookbelle One In Ten



Crufts qualified
SBT Pedigree datebase

Introducing Trojanstaff UK, the ultimate destination for champion Staffordshire Bull Terrier stud dogs. Welcome to The Champions Kennels, where we specialize in offering you the four finest producing Staffy bloodline champion stud dogs in the UK. With over 10 years of experience, we proudly stand as the most experienced stud dog owners and breeders of this generation. Trust us to provide you with the expertise and knowledge that comes from our deep-rooted passion for Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Join us at Trojanstaff UK and experience the difference of true champions.. Otis, Bruno Mica and Storm produce puppies that not only have outstanding characteristics and looks and they also have the temperament to match. Loving and loyal to all of the family we couldn't ask for more. These boys rock when it comes to producing their offspring. 

We offer Blue studs

Black brindle stud

Black stud

Black blue gene stud

Mattings With our Studs

Please Note we do not breed our Males with Non Kennel Club-registered Females. 

Once your girl has been confirmed that she is ovulating by your fertility clinic  Make a booking with our Trojan K9 Services. We offer two matings 48 hours apart. after 30 - 33 days take your girl to be ultra-scanned or bring her back to us and we will scan for you. We understand that on some occasions your girl will not fall pregnant which we know from experience can be upsetting,  so we offer a one-off free mating on your next girls season. For more information

Use our contacts page for your enquiries.

please goto our K9 ferility page by clicking here

Crufts Qualified

BIH Ch Tairis Winchester         AKA - Mica

Champion of bosnia and Herzegovina

Mica on rock

 Black brindle

SBT Pedigree datebase

                                                                                        Our Champion Black Brindle stafford Studs   

If you're looking for breed standards and quality to go with your girl then look no further. Mica, is without a doubt, one of the best Staffords in the South of the UK out on stud. At 6 Months he won best minor puppy in  Hungary in 2021  and earned Champion status at Bosnia & Herzegovina in August 2022. Since living with us he has proven to be a very loving boy with an amazing temperament.  COI 6.66%

Health test results: Mica is L2HGS and HC-SF4 Clear. BVA eye screening unaffected. Hip Score Grade A, Elbow Score 0/0

Mica's Parents  Ch Staffi Family Diablo Nero X Ch Brave Spirit Celesta Double Dare

Hungary Hódmezővásárhely 2021 Show results

03/09/21  Best minor puppy 1st place, 04/09/2021 Best Minor puppy 1st place, 05/09/2021 Best minor puppy 1st place 

BIH Posusje 2022 Show results over three days

4 x bob (Best of breed), Bog first – 1 time (Best of group), Bog Third -2 times (Best of group), 3 x CACIB , 


Mica Pedigree 

We are so lucky to have the privilege to own such a stunning boy as Mica with an incredible lineage of world-renowned Champions Staffordshire Bull Terriers Stud.  STB Pedigree database Tairis Vinchester

Brave Bonker Bruno - AKA Bruno

Clean British Pedgree

Bruno Staffordshire bull terrier stud

 Blue & White Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Bruno is one of the finest blue studs in the UK


With great solid UK lines, he stands out from the rest with his solid muscular physique and outstanding friendly temperament he is without a doubt true quality. If you're looking for breed standards and quality to go with your girl then look no further. Bruno is one of the Finest Blue studs with UK lines in the South of the UK out on stud. Since working with us he has proven to be a very loving boy with an amazing temperament.  COI 5.5%Brunos Parants Plymouthian Bomber X Crystal Line

With a Muscular frame and great head, amazing topline, deep brisket, well-sprung ribs, and rose ears his pups carry his qualities forward. 

A well-balanced stud.

Health test results: Bruno is L2HGS and HC-SF4 Clear. BVA eye screening unaffected. 

Bruno's Pedigree 

We are so lucky to have the privilege to have such a stunning boy as Bruno with an incredible lineage of quality UK lines and champions. Staffordshire Bull Terriers Stud. 

STB Pedigree database  Brave Bonkers Bruno

SBT Pedigree datebase
Crufts Qualified

BG CH GURI MM POWER AT TROJANBULLS (IMP HUN) -AKA - Storm First ever black blue gene Gand champion in the UK

Grand Champion of bosnia and Herzegovina

Storm Guri MM Power

 Black Blue Gene Will produce Blue pups

Our Champion Black Blue Gene Stud   

Storm has won many awards in the 20 months of his life and holds an astonishing 5 champion titles in three countries making him not only a multi-champion but an international FCI champion. If you're looking for breed standards and quality to go with your girl then look no further. Storm is without a doubt one of the finest Black blue gene Staffords in the South of the UK out on stud. At 12 Months he won Junior Champion in Bosnia in 2022  and earned Champion status in Bosnia & Herzegovina in November 2023. Storm then went on 4 more champion shows and won champion tiles across all 4 shows. He earned his title as Grand Champion on 18/12/2023. Since living with us he has proven to be a very loving boy with an amazing temperament.  COI 4.12%

Strom parents  Ch Rampage MM Power X Hazmieh Neos Lola (CAC Excellent)

Winning Champion status in three different countries 

6 x BOB  

4 x BOB 1st Excellent

3 x BOS 1St Excellent

3 x BOG 2nd Excellent

2 x BOG 3rd Excellent

1 x BIS 3rd

Health test results: STORM is L2HGS and HC-SF4 Clear. BVA eye screening unaffected. 

Storms Pedigree 

We are so lucky to have the privilege to own such a stunning boy as Storm with an incredible lineage of world-renowned Champions Staffordshire Bull Terriers Stud. 

STB Pedigree database

Guri MM Power @ Trojanbulls

SBT Pedigree datebase
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