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Blue Staffordshire Bull terrier puppies

Staffy puppies for sale

Staffy Knott
Staffy Knott

We are fully dedicated to breeding our Staffordshire bull terrier puppies in accordance with the breed Standard. We diligently adhere to all the guidelines set by the Kennel Club, ensuring that our Trojan staffy puppies undergo thorough health and DNA testing. This guarantees that our puppies are not only healthy but also possess well-balanced temperaments. We take immense pride in knowing that we consistently produce high-quality and joyful staffy puppies. Occasionally, we have champion-sired Staffordshire bull terrier puppies available for sale, all of which are registered with the Kennel Club. Our selection includes blue-staffy puppies as well as traditional black staffy puppy/puppies. If you have any inquiries or would like to learn more, please feel free to send us a message or give us a call at 07930003923. Our next planned litter is expected to arrive around March 2024.

Hey there! If we don't have any puppies at the moment, don't worry! We have an awesome network of staffy breeders that we can connect you with. Just give us your details and we'll happily pass them along. Thanks for considering us!. Please use our contact page to submit contact details. 

Exciting Co-Ownership opportunity awaits for future litters! Don't miss out on this incredible chance to be a part of something special. If you're intrigued, reach out to Paul at 07930004923. We can't wait to hear from you!

Lola X Ch Mica

Pups from last litter DOB date 30/03/2023

The Trojan Gang 

Trojan gang
Trojan Pups
Staffy Puppies for sale


Trojanstaff UK Female  Staffy Puppy

Trojanbulls Bed of Roses

Trojanstaff UK Female Staffy Puppy

Trojanbulls Lazy Lou

Trojanstaff UK Male Staffy Puppy

Trojanbulls The Last resort

Trojanstaff UK Female StaffyPuppy

Trojanbulls Ruff N Tuff

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