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Trojanstaff UK Staffordshire bull terrier  Lienced breeders 

How We Roll

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Breeders of quality Staffordshire Bull Terriers, wstrive to improve the breed as much as possible.

Our number one priority is our dogs and the staffy puppies they produce first and foremost.

We give them the best life we possibly can and, on most occasions, we put them first before ourselves.

They are reared on the best food on the market, and we have put hours into research on food that gives our dogs nutrition and nourishment.

We feed our dogs a completely raw diet and manage their wait according to the breed standards for Stafford’s so they are kept in perfect condition.

We exercise our dogs on a daily bases walking them 2 – 3 miles a day depending on the look they give us at the door when on the way out.

Our Mission 

Over the past 10 -15 years there has been far too much out-of-standard breeding and breeding for color by backstreet breeders that just do not care or know anything about the breed standard. And so there are too few sensible breeders that follow the breed standard, this is mainly in the show scene but there are some breeders that still follow. So our mission is to keep to the breed standard and do our bit to improve the breed, by making the correct choices of whom to breed our boys with. 

Blue Gene policy

We have a policy not to breed our dogs with each other as they are both blue, The blue gene is what as known as a recessive gene and by that, we mean breading blue on blue can cause future skin problems and pigment dilution with the puppies, And so our policy is to only breed with black, black brindle, black blue gene stud dogs. This does not mean we will not have blue puppies but improves the quality of color and strengthens the genes and reduces dilution as much as possible.  


About Our Dogs

Female: Kenxtwen Missulena AKA Lola is a (KC registered) blue staffy very loving and has an amazing temperament. Her bloodline (M-line) can be traced back to 1923 a dog known as Brindle Mick. Her direct pedigree 5 generation holds some very well know dogs, Blue Regiment, Blue Bronson, Man of the Ocean, Valglo Singing the blue and many more Valglo and Crossguns dogs.

Stud: Brookebelle One IN Ten AKA Otis is a (KC registered) blue staffy again very loving and temperament to match. His bloodline (R-Line) can be traced back to 1932 dog Known as Ribchester Bob.

His direct 5-generation pedigree holds a very large number of Champion dogs, His sire is a Grand Champion from Poland and has won many shows in several countries in Europe. His Dam is from the well-known kennels in Ireland and also has a list champion dogs and of Valglo and Crossguns lines within.


Our Dogs: female and male blues stated above, are both intact and healthy and have been L-2-HGA, HC-HSF4 DNA tested Clear by parents and BVA Eye Screened, worming and flae treatments up to date. All documents can be shown on request.

We search all over the country and Europe for suitable Stud dogs for our bitch's with a known history of quality and breed standard and show proven champion dogs. We have a great network of breeders that we commutate with regularly. All of the dogs we breed with from other breeders are DNA health tested and eye screened checked. This way we can be sure that our new puppy owners are getting the best that we can produce and reduce the risk of any health and well-being problems.

We only breed once a year this way our bitch’s get the time to recouple from giving birth and whelping. 

The puppies

All of the puppies will be Kennel Club registered and come with a registration certificate. They will be microchipped and health tested by our vet. They will have been flee and worm treated and come with 5 weeks free Kennel club insurance cover and 5 generation certificate. 

Puppy waiting list

We hold a first come first serve puppy waiting list, we will contact you to inform you of a planned litter and when we have confirmation of a pregnancy. We would like to have a team meeting with you to see if you are a suitable candidate for one of our puppies and you can view the pups with mum. 

If you decide that you no longer wish to purchase a puppy, we will take you off of the list and move on to the next.

“There is no obligation”.

4 Weeks choosing your puppy

At 4 weeks we will invite you to come meet the puppies in the waiting list order and to pick your forever fluff ball. You will be allowed to spend a little time with the pup you pick. But keep in mind we will have other bookings for viewings on the same day. We allow around an hour for each visit. We will book you in for the 8-9 week puppy collection day. We then ask for a deposit (non-returnable) Please see link to non-refundable deposits GOODDOG.COM to secure your pup. We will then give you a receipt and a link to download an app so that you can keep up to date with the puppy’s progress as they grow. With pictures and messaging on a daily basis. 

8 Weeks The Big Day

We will confirm with you a week before that you can still make the booked visit.

On the day you will be asked to pay the remainder of the payment and to read and sign the puppy contract.

You will receive a folder with all the documentation and related information/guidance to help you on your way to bringing up your new pup. You will also receive a Puppy pack with goodies for your pup and a bag of dog food that he or she has been whined on.

Future advice 

We are here 24/7 for your support and you still have the app that you can contact us if questions are not so important. But important question we are on the end of the phone.



Non-refundable deposit:

STB Pedigree Database:

The Kennel Club:

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