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Mica's Story Staffordshire bull terrier stud in demand

Updated: Jul 14

Mica Staffordshire bull terrier Stud
Mica Staffordshire bull terrier Stud

Mica? Well, what can be said about this exceptional example of the breed? We often receive compliments from breeders who haven't seen such a traditionally compact Staffy in 15-20 years. It's true, Mica is truly special, and that's what instantly attracted us to him. Mica was born in Russia, and bred by Tairis Kennels, renowned for producing some of the highest quality Staffordshire Bull Terriers in Russia.

Mica's father, "Staffi Family Diablo Nero," is a multi-champion who undeniably passed down his genes to Mica. His mother, "Brave Spirit Celesta Double Dare," is also a multi-champion of RKF and another stunning example of the breed.

We acquired Mica from a European breeder in 2022 and paid a premium price for him. These were exciting times for Trojanbulls, and we have never regretted our decision. Mica is an amazing dog with an impressive build. He stands at 14.5 inches to the withers and weighs 14.5 kilograms. He has a perfect muzzle-to-skull ratio and a strong neck. His rose ears, dark eyes, and nails are all perfect. He is perfectly set and compact, just the ideal boy for us.

Mica's character is always at 100 miles per hour. Sometimes, he makes us dizzy with his constant movement and energy. However, he settled in with the Trojan gang overnight, and there was no need for any corrections or issues. He is a quiet little fellow who just wants to be everyone's best friend. He is affectionate and loves to stay close to the family.

In terms of lineage, Mica boasts an outstanding 46 champions in his 5-generation pedigree. His main line attributes come from line breeding further down the generations, particularly from a well-known dog named Stormbull Solo, which helps maintain the quality within the lines. However, there are also many other high-quality line-bred dogs in Mica's lineage.

Mica's Show History

In November 2021, Mica achieved an impressive feat by winning the Best minor puppy title in Hungary. He emerged victorious in all three competitions held over a single weekend. It was during this time that we first laid eyes on him as a six-month-old puppy. Intrigued by his potential, we expressed our interest in purchasing Mica and entering him in shows the following year. The breeder kindly agreed to sell him to us and agreed to keep him until the next year. Subsequently, Mica participated in the Posusje 2022 Show, spanning three days. He not only secured his champion title but also excelled throughout the entire weekend. Looking back, we now regret not allowing him to participate in more shows in Bosnia. We firmly believe that he had the potential to become a Grand champion or even an International champion. Nevertheless, our primary desire was to have him here in the UK with us.

The Russian breeding practices have played a significant role in maintaining the breed's standard. In the 90s, UK and European Staffordshire Bull Terriers were exported to Russia when there were only a few Staffords in the country. This limited availability prevented incorrect breeding practices and has resulted in the breed maintaining its standard over the years.

Mica, the exemplary Staffordshire bull terrier stud, is exclusively paired with Kennel club health-tested females, ensuring the preservation of breed quality. It is truly commendable to witness the genuine dedication towards maintaining the breed's standards. With the arrival of new females for Mica to mate with, we anticipate the continuation of exceptional offspring. Mica's unwavering commitment has resulted in remarkable progeny, leaving us eagerly awaiting the arrival of more extraordinary pups in the near future.

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