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Storm's Story "Fact" - The only Black Blue Gene Staffordshire bull terrier Grand Champion Stud in the UK.

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 Ch. BG, BIH. JCh, BIH. Multi, Ch. BIH, Grand Ch. BIH, Ch. Int

Guri MM Power at Trojanbulls

Staffordshire bull terrier Stud
Grand Champion Storm

When we first laid eyes on Storm as a puppy, we were immediately smitten with him. Although he wasn't our initial choice from the litter, we quickly realized that he was the best choice for us.

About 16 months ago, we reached out to our breeder in Europe to inquire about upcoming puppies as we had plans to show them in Europe and the UK. We were presented with a litter of six adorable puppies, and we decided to choose two males, Gun and Storm. Unfortunately, Gun had already been taken, so we happily settled on Storm.

We had an agreement with the breeder that he would take care of Storm and invest in his training until he was ready for shows. Our ultimate goal was for him to achieve the title of champion. Over the next 14 months, we received regular updates on Storm's progress and training. The breeder and handler consistently praised Storm's intelligence and quick learning abilities. His temperament was also perfect for a show Stafford.

Strom Winning Champion title
Grude Show 2023

When Storm turned 15 months old, the time had finally come for him to participate in his first show at Grude 2023, a three-day event.

We anxiously awaited the results of each event he entered, and to our astonishment, he exceeded our expectations. In the first event, he came in first in his class and received the title of BOB Excellent. We couldn't believe it! We had anticipated no more than a second or third place. The second event brought even more excitement as we received a message stating that Storm had once again come in first in his class and received the title of BIS Excellent. This winning streak continued throughout the weekend, with Storm earning various CAC's and CACIB's.

He did it! Storm achieved his champion title, and we were absolutely thrilled. We immediately wanted him to come home with us, but the breeder advised us to wait. Due to Storm's exceptional results, the breeder believed that he had the potential to become a Grand Champion.

And so, we reached an agreement and decided to invest in participating in four more shows with Storm in the coming months. It was going to be a financial and mental challenge, but we had faith in the breeder and handler, so we took the leap.

In the following months, Storm excelled in every show, winning title after title.

Grand Champion Storm
Strom Winning Grand Champion title Sarajevo 2023

The time had come for Storm to strive for his Grand Champion status. I must admit, we were nervous. Everything depended on this final show in Sarajevo in December 2023. This show was going to be tough due to the animosity between different regions and countries, considering Storm hailed from the south of Bosnia while Sarajevo was in the north. Naturally, the breeder and handler were concerned that this could potentially affect his results.

However, as it turned out, this was not the case. Storm not only achieved his Grand Champion status but also won The Sarajevo Winter winner and qualified for Crufts 2024. It was truly mind-blowing for us. He is now the Only black blue gene staffordshire bull terrier Grand champion in the UK.

But Storm's journey didn't end there. The handler took him to Hungary, where he resided for a few months and registered him with the Hungarian Kennel Club stud book. Storm participated in two more shows, one in Bulgaria and one in Hungary, where he also won Champion titles.

Finally, after months of hard work and financial investment, Storm is now with us in the UK. We couldn't have asked for a happier outcome. Since joining our family, he has proven to be a loving boy and has quickly settled in with the rest of our pack.

Our plan is to continue entering Storm in shows over the next couple of years in the UK. Initially, we had intended to enter him in Crufts, but due to paperwork and registration issues, we faced delays. However, we eventually overcame these obstacles and successfully registered him with the Kennel Club.

It's worth mentioning that Storm is DNA Clear on HC and L2 HGF4, and his eye screening shows no signs of PHPV and HC.  

We are dedicated to breeding top-quality, healthy Staffordshire Bull Terriers in the UK. Our focus is on maintaining breed standards and excellent temperament for families to enjoy. We prioritize quality over color, striving to enhance the breed with each generation. By partnering with reputable breeders and using top stud dogs from Europe, we ensure that our puppies are healthy and free from skin conditions and allergies.

We consistently strive to uphold these qualities by going above and beyond. Our commitment extends beyond merely acquiring champions; we invest in their futures and closely monitor their progress.

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