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Staffordshire bull terrier studs
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Stafford knott


Stafford knott
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For over a decade, we have been dedicated Staffordshire bull terrier breeders, with a strong lineage of renowned Staffordshire bull terriers throughout the United Kingdom.

Breeder licence number 23/00598/AWAAL

We specialize in Breeding Staffordshire Bull Terriers, stud dogs and puppies of exceptional quality, boasting blue and black champions from some of the finest bloodlines worldwide. As registered and licensed hobby breeders, we have earned a reputation as trusted Staffordshire Bull Terrier breeders in Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK and Europe. Our commitment to the health and well-being of our canine companions is unwavering, and we take all necessary precautions to ensure their happiness and vitality. Our Staffy's undergo L-2-HGA, HC-HSF4, PHPV/PPSC eye, and hip dysplasia screening, in addition to receiving quality food, exercise, and socialization, as well as routine veterinary care, vaccinations, and preventative treatments. We are blue Staffordshire bull terrier breeders but with a different take where we breed only black on blue.

Our dogs are proud ambassadors of   

We, as trusted Staffy breeders, put in all our efforts to ensure that our black and blue Staffy puppies are of the highest quality, hailing from some of the most esteemed bloodlines in the UK and Europe. We are dedicated to producing healthy and well-rounded puppies with sound temperaments, raised in a loving and nurturing environment and well-socialized with children and other dogs. As responsible Staffordshire Bull Terrier breeders, we ensure our puppies are healthy, happy, and well-adjusted to their new homes, complete with Kennel Club registration, papers, and contracts.

From stud dogs to puppies and K9 fertility, we cover every aspect of the process from mating to the birth of this beautiful breed.
Our Staffy's boast some of the finest lines, including Valglo, Crossguns, Stormbull, But's Charming, and Brave Spirit, among others, from top breeders worldwide. These breeders are renowned for their excellence in breeding and raising healthy, well-tempered Staffordshire Bull Terriers, with a long history of producing puppies of exceptional quality and temperament, meeting the standard required for entry.















Our Trojan Puppy page offers a wide selection of Black and Blue Staffy puppies for sale. We take great care in selecting dogs with desirable physical and temperamental characteristics to increase the likelihood of passing on these traits to their offspring. It is crucial to purchase puppies from reputable breeders who possess the knowledge and experience to carefully plan their breeding program.
















About our Staffordshire bull terrier stud dogs 
We are proud to introduce two of our newest additions to the family, Champion MICA and Grand Champion STORM. Both are already very highly sought-after dogs due to their impressive lineage of champions and the quality of their puppies. Their strong genetic composition gives their puppies the best chance of inheriting their desirable traits.

Otis, Mica, Storm and Bruno our staffy studs have proven to be very successful in siring some of the finest puppies in the UK. They have been carefully selected for their excellent physical characteristics and temperaments, which are passed on to their puppies. All have produced puppies with desirable traits such as strong muscle tone, good health, intelligence, and trainability. 



















Our stud page provides more information about our staffy studs, Otis, Mica, Storm and Bruno. They have proven to be very successful in siring some of the finest puppies in the UK. Our boys have been carefully selected for their excellent physical characteristics and temperaments, which are passed on to their puppies. 

We understand that different breeders have different requirements for their breeding program, so we provide a range of services that can be tailored to meet those needs. From pre-mating tests to post-mating care, we make sure that everything is taken care of so that the mating can be successful. And of course, both of our blue staffy studs and black are loyal and friendly, making them excellent to deal with while the process takes place.

You can find more on our Trojan K9 Fertility Services page

As a responsible Staffy breeder, we take great pride in upholding high moral standards and ensuring the well-being of our dogs and puppies. Our commitment to maintaining breed quality is unwavering, and we go above and beyond to ensure that our furry companions receive the utmost care and attention. We treat our puppies with the same level of respect and care as we would our family members, and their health and safety are always our top priority.
Hey there! We'd love for you to check out the feedback from our awesome previous puppy owners at the bottom of the page. Take a moment to read through their experiences and see why they loved their furry friends. Enjoy!

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