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Defra approved CPD Qualified

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Giving your puppies the very best start in life is key and keeping them safe is something we know everyone is passionate about. Since 6th April 2016 it has been law that all dogs are microchipped before the age of eight weeks old. 

We can microchip and register your litter making the process easy and hassle free.



£12.50 per puppy. 

This service includes Microchip records and paperwork registration

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Artificial Insemination      

CPD Qualified

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Once we have the desired stud dog's semen we perform a quality assessment on the semen. Once we have processed the semen, it is then prepared for insemination, your bitch would be prepared for the procedure. A catheter is placed into the bitch's vagina and held in placed whilst the semen sample is inserted. The process mimics the natural mating process but doesn't have the overzealous physical contact or the stress natural mating’s can put your bitch through.

A basic semen analysis is including in the price.

If you require the full semen analysis report this will be an additional £25.00.

We recommend the 2 mating’s 48 hours apart; this will increase the chances of your girl fulling pregnant. 


£35.00 per insemination

£70.00 2 x AI mating’s 48 hours apart

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Semen analysis       

Professional relaxed experience CPD Qualified


We carry out semen fertility testing on male dogs to evaluate the quality, quantity and mobility of the sperm. We are experienced dog handler used to all breeds and temperaments. The welfare of your dog is our top priority. our relaxed experienced approach will put your dog at rest and ensure a stress free process. The results of semen testing are instant and we will explain the results to you on the day.


Basic £25.00

This services includes analysis report and percentage quality. Depending on services required. 

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A Simple & natural way of ovulation detection CPD Qualidied


Vaginal cytology tests for the optimum ovulation date on female dogs during their estrus cycle, the stage when the female is on heat. We take a swab of the cells lining the vagina and analyse the results under a specialised microscope. It is a quick painless process for your bitch and we take extreme care to always ensure the wellbeing of your dog is our priority.



This service comes with a full report on progression and ovulation dates of your Bitch. 

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OTIS Stud Package 

Our stud package consists of 2 x artificial inseminations 48 hours apart; we carry out a semen analysis of our stud to check quality and mobility before both inseminations.

We also offer a reduced rate on for cytology from our normal rate of £35.00 reduced to £25.00 per test. This way we can increase the chances of the female becoming pregnant.

Stud Package Price


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